Join Carl DeMaio for Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Initiative! How You Can Help

Carl DeMaio is leading the Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Campaig.  You help is desperately needed!  

Carl DeMaio is leading the Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Campaign and he needs YOUR HELP to win this important campaign to save taxpayers hundreds a year by reversing the costly and unfair car and gas tax hikes that Sacramento politicians crammed down our throats without voter approval. 

There are two reasons to help the Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Initiative campaign.

1) it costs you a lot more than you think – the tax hike will cost the typical family of four $779.28 more per year in taxes

2) it won’t fix our roads – this is a blank check tax hike that has already been diverted away from road repairs.

Your help is needed: How You Can Be Part of the Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Campaign

1) Sign up and stay informed: Visit the campaign website at www.GasTaxRepeal.org to learn more about why we need to vote Yes on Prop 6 to repeal the gas tax hikes - and share this website with your friends.  Please sign up for campaign updates as well.

2) Attend a Rally or Event: Carl will lead a number of rallies and will speak at a number of events in the coming weeks - please join him!  A complete listing of events can be found at www.gastaxrepealevents.com

3) Contribute: Carl is leading a grassroots campaign to help taxpayers.  He can't fight the Sacramento politiians and their special interest money alone! Please consider contributing whatever you can today! Even $5 helps!  Click the DONATE button above on this website to help!

Stay Informed – Sign Up – Contribute – RSVP for Events


Questions: Email [email protected] or call 619-786-8019