Energy & Environment

“San Diego’s strength is its natural environment. We must protect our beautiful beaches, bays and canyons which are not only key to our quality of life, but our regional economy as well.” – Carl DeMaio

Carl DeMaio believes a strong economy and a healthy environment must go hand-in-hand. San Diego relies on its beaches, bays, and canyons to attract millions of tourists to power our local economy.

That’s why Carl DeMaio supports strong environmental protection initiatives — and believes the market can often be better than government mandates in solving environmental challenges. As our Congressman, Carl DeMaio will support common-sense and balanced solutions that can protect both jobs and the environment.

Promoting Clean Energy

Our country has the ability to significantly increase its clean energy resources through the development of wind, solar, biomass, biofuels and other alternative energy sources.

Carl DeMaio believes the federal government can speed up the development of these resources by leading the way in research and development – much of which is conducted here in San Diego. Carl DeMaio will also fight to cut the red tape that too often undermines these alternative energy sources from reaching critical mass in our economy.

Help Residents and Businesses Reduce Carbon Footprint

Building on his successful work on the City Council to authorize PACE programs to make it easier for businesses to finance solar and energy conservation investments at their facilities, Carl DeMaio will champion legislation to extend these flexibilities to all homeowners as well.

PACE programs are not only good for the environment by reducing the “carbon footprint” of businesses and homes, but they can create thousands of jobs in San Diego alone through the projects that are implemented here locally.

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