Other Key Issues

"I will listen to my constituents and vote my conscience regardless of political consequence." -Carl DeMaio

Immigration Reform

America is a nation built by immigrants, and San Diego is a city that is proud of its immense diversity.

Immigration exemplifies the dysfunction in Washington: our immigration system is broken, our border is not secure, and Washington politicians would rather have a political issue to argue about than a real solution to implement.

It is time to stop the partisan bickering, and for Congress and the President to work together to enact a bipartisan solution.

Carl DeMaio supports sensible immigration reform that secures our borders, protects taxpayers, keeps families together, treats immigrants fairly and with respect, provides an accountable, timely, and transparent process for individuals who follow the rules and comply with our laws to achieve their citizenship.

Social Issues

Carl DeMaio supports marriage equality. The US Supreme Court has now settled this issue as one of equal protection under the law as it pertains to government, while also protecting the right of religions to define marriage within their own faith.

Carl DeMaio supports medical marijuana – provided that it is implemented in a manner consistent with the safeguards and proper enforcement that voters expected when passing Prop 215.

Carl DeMaio supports a woman’s right to choose. Despite the divisive rhetoric on both sides of this contentious issue, the reality is most Americans desire to protect life and do not view abortion as just another form of birth control. A better approach is to seek strong leadership by community organizations, church leaders, and families to reduce or even eliminate the amount of unwanted pregnancies and help create supportive environments whereby individuals can choose life.

While these positions will guide Carl DeMaio’s votes on these issues should they come up, Carl believes Washington should be focused on balancing the budget, revitalizing the economy, and providing quality services to taxpayers – and leave the social issues out of our politics.

Second Amendment

Carl DeMaio supports the Second Amendment. The President and the Congress must act now to forge a consensus to improve enforcement for background checks and to keep weapons out of the hands of those with serious mental health issues and criminal history.

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