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DeMaio: A New Generation Republican

Carl DeMaio, a "new generation Republican," is willing to take on the establishment to bring reform to Congress. Take a look at our video -- are you part of the new generation too?

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Video: Fix Congress First

There's no doubt about it: Congress is completely broken and dysfunctional – and the work of the American people is not getting done.

If we want better results from Washington, we have to start by fixing Congress first – and our first web ad of the campaign highlights just that. Take a look:

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Carl DeMaio Outlines Why He's Running for Congress

Carl DeMaio appeared on KUSI's evening news June 1 to discuss his platform of reform in his race for Congress. The fiscal reformer who produced amazing results in San Diego wants to try his hand at reforming Washington.

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ABC News: Carl DeMaio for Congress

Carl DeMaio kicked off his campaign for US Congress - pledging to advance fiscal and economic reforms in Washington. DeMaio, who authored the plan that helped save San Diego from bankruptcy, has a record of actually getting reform done.

Carl DeMaio knows how to reform government - and he has built an entire business and a political career on making broken government programs work again for the people.

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DeMaio's Sunshine Act Passes Council with Bipartisan Support

This act will make San Diego the most transparent in history.

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XETV_Filner refuses to take the stage at what is now being dubbed "Coin Gate"

After winning the coin toss, Congressmen Filner was upset with the outcome and refused to take the stage.