December 17th, 2008 (All day)

DeMaio Leads by Example in Rejecting "Perks" of Council Position and Self-Imposes Other Transparency and Efficiency Reforms

SAN DIEGO – On the eve of being sworn into office, City Councilman-elect Carl DeMaio announced today that he will lead by example in promoting efficiency and transparency in government by imposing stricter rules for his own Council Office.

“The City Council should lead by example by cutting their own perks and budgets, while disclosing to the public who they are meeting with and why,” commented DeMaio as he released a six-point reform action list.

DeMaio committed to adopt the following rules for his own Council Office:

•Rejection of Elected Official Pension Plan: The defined benefit pension plan for City Councilmembers provides for the richest benefit formula of all city employees. “How can our elected officials reform the pension system if they are directly benefiting from the system?” asked DeMaio in explaining his decision. His move will save taxpayers $28,662 per year for his pension alone.

•Rejection of Elected Official Auto Allowance: DeMaio will refuse the automatic auto allowance of $9600 each elected official receives per year and will only seek reimbursement for documented mileage outside of a normal work commute.

•Council Budget Reductions: For each of the last five years, DeMaio has proposed cutting city council budgets. This year his idea finally was approved when the Mayor and City Council agreed to a 10% cut for the remainder of FY2009 budget. DeMaio is calling for a 15% cut in the FY 2010 budget—and a 20% cut in the Council Administration budget. DeMaio’s own office budget easily accomplished the budget reduction without an impact to service levels.

•Posting Schedule Online: DeMaio will commit to maximum public transparency by posting his official calendar online each month—documenting who he has met with and for what purpose.

•Gift Ban: While elected officials are allowed to receive up to $420 in gifts from any one source per year, DeMaio will refuse any and all gifts.

•Stadium Boxes: Elected officials receive tickets and admittance to private VIP boxes at the Qualcomm and Petco Park stadiums. DeMaio will not utilize his tickets for personal use and instead will donate his tickets to city charities for their fundraisers and volunteer recognition.

Along with Councilmember Donna Frye, DeMaio has proposed 15 other reforms to the way the City Council operates. Those reforms will be discussed at the December 9th meeting of the City Council. For more information, visit