September 30th, 2011 (All day)

DeMaio Statement on Submission of “Record-Breaking” 145,027 Signatures for Pension Reform Ballot Measure

San Diego – San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio was on hand as 145,027 signatures were submitted to the City Clerk to qualify the Pension Reform Ballot Measure. DeMaio offers the following statement on this milestone in his ongoing efforts to achieve pension reform:

“San Diegans hit City Hall with a record-breaking number of signatures reflecting their demand for an end to outrageous pension payouts in city government.

This pension reform measure is the centerpiece of my plan to fix the city’s financial crisis – and I chose the initiative process because I’m not waiting to be Mayor before getting this reform done.

Two months ago our campaign was short on signatures, but the aggressive opposition tactics used by the labor unions helped awaken the public to the signature drive. In the past four weeks we were inundated with signatures from across the city – reflecting the intensity of public support for pension reform.

I applaud the tireless work of so many volunteers and supporters who produced what we expect to be a record-breaking number of signatures to qualify a ballot measure. I also extend my gratitude to my coalition partners, including Mayor Jerry Sanders, for their hard work and dedication to achieving this important milestone.

This signature drive reflects how I will tackle the city’s problems as your next Mayor. I will build consensus around common-sense reform. I will reach out to all parties to build a coalition to advance reform. And instead of simply paying lip-service to reform, I will personally commit all of my energy and action to actually achieve reform.

While we celebrate the end to the signature collection phase of this campaign, we must still pass this measure in June. I pledge to continue to make pension reform my top priority and look forward to working with San Diegans to impose these changes on city politicians at the ballot box.”

In the face of unprecedented efforts by government unions to block the signature drive, DeMaio had largely put his mayoral campaign on hold to help lead the signature gathering effort. DeMaio personally spent more than 200 hours standing in front of San Diego shopping centers collecting signatures himself, and aggressively raised funds and mobilized volunteers to carry out all aspects of the signature drive. For more information on the Pension Reform Ballot Measure, visit