January 17th, 2012 (All day)

Leading Road Repair Group EGCA Endorses DeMaio for Mayor: “Carl DeMaio Will Fix San Diego’s Crumbling Streets”

San Diego - The people who build and repair roads threw their support behind Carl DeMaio’s mayoral candidacy today, saying DeMaio is the best candidate to repair San Diego’s crumbling roads and infrastructure.

The Engineering and General Contractors Association (EGCA) made the announcement on a stretch of Adams Avenue that is riddled potholes and cracking concrete.

“We proudly support Carl DeMaio because we believe he is the only candidate who will fix San Diego’s crumbling streets,” said Kyle Nelson, President of E.G.C.A. “Carl will not only solve San Diego’s ongoing financial crisis, but he’ll rebuild the infrastructure that has fallen into extreme disrepair in recent years.”

“Last month I released my Save Our Streets Plan, which outlines how we can use savings from budget and pension reform proposals to bring all of San Diego’s roads back up to the standards taxpayers deserve,” said DeMaio. “I’m honored that the men and women who know our streets better than anyone agree that this is the right plan.”

“Carl DeMaio is the right man for the job,” said Jason Mordhorst of Hazard Construction Company. “We looked carefully at all the candidates’ infrastructure plans. DeMaio’s is by far the most detailed and comprehensive. DeMaio understands what it is going to take to bring out roads up to par. It’s a monumental task to fix San Diego’s roads, and we need him at the helm to get the job done.”

A full copy of DeMaio’s “Save our Streets Plan” to fix San Diego’s Roads can be found at www.CarlDeMaio.com