February 13th, 2012 (All day)

DeMaio Responds to Union Lawsuit to Block Public Vote on Pension Reform

This morning news broke that the state labor union agency PERB will seek an injunction in Superior Court to keep the Comprehensive Pension Reform Ballot Measure off the June 2012 city election.

Carl DeMaio, primary author of the Comprehensive Pension Reform Ballot Measure, offers the following written statement:

“It comes as no surprise that the state labor union agency is siding with the city employee unions to try to block pension reform in San Diego and deprive voters of their right to vote on this initiative.

I am completely confident that the courts will dismiss this desperate lawsuit and uphold the constitutionally-protected right of citizens to place measures on the ballot through the initiative process.

It is outrageous that government unions and their Sacramento defenders are trying to claim they can veto the citizens’ constitutional rights in this matter, but it provides yet another example of the contempt the government unions have for the taxpayers of San Diego and the lengths they will go to in protecting their unsustainable pension payouts.”

San Diegans will not stop until they get the Pension Reform they have waited almost a decade to see enacted. Working together, we will defend the citizens' right to use the ballot initiative process to impose reform on our city government."