September 30th, 2013 (All day)

DeMaio Calls Shutdown a "Failure of Partisan Politics"

Proposes Bipartisan Negotiations with Budget Accountability Penalty

San Diego – Carl DeMaio expressed frustration with what he called the extreme positions and irresponsible leadership being shown within both political parties in Washington, DC that has led to both a government shutdown and the failure to enact serious fiscal and economic reforms.

"This government shutdown is yet another example of the complete failure of partisan politics that has resulted in utter dysfunction in Washington," DeMaio said.

"Nobody wins in this mess, especially the American people, because not only are we seeing disruption in important services and programs, but we are failing to deliver the common-sense reforms that a majority of Americans support," DeMaio said.

A nationally-recognized government budgeting and efficiency expert, DeMaio helped balance the City of San Diego's budget and stave off bankruptcy of the city through a comprehensive fiscal reform plan.

DeMaio proposed an alternative to break the stalemate in Washington that would have to be accepted in its entirety to have any chance of success:

  • One Week Budget Extension: DeMaio proposes a "clean" 7-day Continuing Resolution to provide for a week of bipartisan negotiations while keeping the federal government open.
  • Bipartisan Budget Negotiations: DeMaio criticized Senator Harry Reid for refusing to entertain negotiations to reach a compromise. No "conference committee" has been held for the federal budget this year, so DeMaio is proposing that the House and Senate leaders of both political parties be appointed as negotiators with a requirement that all sides actually meet together in the same room to work out a single compromise bill.
  • Budget Accountability Penalty: In stark contrast to the "window dressing" language passed earlier this year, DeMaio proposes a "No Budget, No Pay" Law with teeth – permanently taking away the pay of the President, Administration political appointees, and every Member of Congress during the one week extension and for every day of a government shutdown that occurs thereafter.

As part of his proposals for economic reform, DeMaio supports comprehensive reform of ObamaCare – including the elimination of the "Individual Mandate" – as well as the elimination of the Medical Device Tax which will have a devastating impact on San Diego's local bio-tech sector if left as is.

"The only way we can make progress on fiscal and economic reforms is to get both sides to engage in meaningful negotiations – and my proposal with a Budget Accountability Penalty is designed to achieve that," DeMaio concluded.