Carl DeMaio: A Reformer with Results

Carl DeMaio has produced amazing results for taxpayers.

Author and Leader of the "Pension Reform Initiative"
Carl DeMaio is the author of the Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative that San Diego voters passed overwhelmingly in the June 2012 election. The measure has quickly become a national model for pension reform — ending pension spiking, moving city employees to 401(k) defined contributions accounts, and saving taxpayers billions over 30 years.

Cutting Red Tape on Small Businesses
As part of his Small Business Action Plan, DeMaio also authored and got bipartisan approval of legislation to cut red tape and streamline regulations on the city's Business Improvement Districts.

Shining a Light on San Diego Finances
From 2003 to 2008, Carl DeMaio helped uncover the City of San Diego's financial problems — blowing the lid open on San Diego's "Enron-by-the-Sea" practices. DeMaio led the San Diego Citizens' Budget Project that helped frame common-sense solutions to the City's financial problems.

Passage of Major Projects to Create Jobs
Carl DeMaio was instrumental in the passage of legislation to authorize the expansion of the San Diego Convention Center — a project that will create more than 6000 permanent jobs. With DeMaio's hands-on help, San Diego was successful in attracting and completing a new regional headquarters for the FBI. DeMaio played a key role in facilitating numerous private sector projects through the city's bureaucratic process, resulting in hundreds of new housing units created and thousands of construction jobs.

Driving Reform on the San Diego City Council
From 2008 to 2012, Carl DeMaio served on the San Diego City Council. DeMaio proposed a steady stream of cost-saving ideas to fix San Diego's financial problems and get city government services back on track — winning approval of reforms that saved taxpayers over $150 million during his term alone.

Open Government and Transparency
In addition to fiscal reform, DeMaio authored and won passage of the San Diego Sunshine Act to require transparency and public disclosure of financial information — imposing some of the toughest open government rules in the nation.

Protecting the Environment - Clean Energy Programs
In 2009, Carl DeMaio proposed the City of San Diego implement a Clean Energy PACE program that would allow residents and businesses to more easily finance renewable energy and energy conservation projects. In 2012, DeMaio proudly joined in a bipartisan City Council vote to get a PACE program established. In 2012 DeMaio endorsed and helped pass legislation that dedicated over 10,000 acres of canyon lands and open space for permanent protection and preservation.

Auditing Government to Reduce Erroneous and Fraudulent Payments
In 2000, Carl DeMaio helped promote the passage of the landmark Government Waste Corrections Act to establish audit programs in the federal government to identify and recover fraudulent and duplicative payments. This auditing authority has now led to billions in savings for taxpayers over the past decade. In the City of San Diego, Carl DeMaio won passage on a bipartisan vote of similar legislation that is now saving city taxpayers millions.

A National Leader in Government Reform
From 1998 to 2008, Carl DeMaio headed the "Performance Institute" — a good government reform group he founded that advanced reform of federal, state and local government organizations through the principles of performance, competition, accountability and transparency. Through the Institute, DeMaio and his team helped turn-around financially-troubled programs across the country — earning DeMaio praise and recognition as a leader in government reform.