Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio received the endorsement of leading border security advocates who cited their support for DeMaio’s 5-point Border Security Initiative.

Surrounded by Christopher Harris – retired Secretary, Local 1613 National Border Patrol Council, Roger Hedgecock – co-founder of “Hold their Feet to the Fire” Tour with Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Rob Davis – Secure the Border SuperPAC, and Agnes Gibboney – Angel Mom, DeMaio revealed his five-point plan to secure the border and combat the growing crisis of illegal immigration.

DeMaio’s comprehensive plan includes:

  1. Build the Wall – and Fully Staff It: An innovative way to fund the Border Wall and expanded staffing by directing all fees from visa applications and enforcement to the Border Patrol and bypassing Congress.
  2. Close the Loopholes in the Laws: Reform immigration and asylum laws that tie the hands of our Border Patrol agents! Illegal immigrants are exploiting loopholes and abusing the system to gain entry.
  3. Mandate & Enforce E-Verify: Combat illegal employment by forcing businesses to use E-Verify.
  4. Cutoff Welfare and Repeal Sanctuary State Laws: Illegal immigrants should never receive taxpayer-funded benefits and no illegal immigrant criminal should be shielded from deportation.
  5. End Chain Migration: Reform legal immigration by replacing chain-migration with a merit-based system of vetting and welcoming the best and brightest.

“Powerful interests want open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants no matter what the financial cost or security risk to our country,” said Carl DeMaio. “We cannot wait for Washington politicians to act; it is time that citizens rise up and force action to secure the border and combat illegal immigration.”


Politicians won’t act – so citizens must act to secure the border and end illegal immigration.  It is vital that we collect enough signatures to show that citizens are ready to fight to force Congress to act on this proposal.

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