The price of gas is now a record-breaking $5.18 per gallon statewide in California! Working families are getting CRUSHED, and that’s why we’re mobilizing a grassroots campaign to demand state politicians provide relief by suspending the state’s high gas tax! Here is how we can do this and how you can help!

Carl DeMaio has created a statewide petition and grassroots pressure campaign demanding that Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state legislature use their emergency powers (remember those from Covid?) to immediately suspend the following taxes that are spiking the cost of gas in California:

Suspend the Gas Excise Tax: 51.1 cents per gallon

Suspend the Gas Cap & Trade Tax: 40-50 cents per gallon

Suspend the Sales Tax on Gas: 20-25 cents per gallon

Total Immediate Savings to Californians: $1.11-1.26 per gallon

By suspending these costly taxes on gas, the average California family will save over $215 per month immediately!

California’s liberal politicians don’t want to do the right thing and suspend these taxes – but we need to get them all on record on their position on this proposal. That way if they don’t suspend the gas taxes during this crisis, we can use their inaction as an argument to defeat them in the 2022 elections!

One HUGE side benefit of this grassroots ad campaign is to educate voters on who they really should blame for California’s high gas prices! I’m sure you’ve seen the dishonest media in California is bending over backwards to drive a false narrative that the high costs of gas are all because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  Let’s use this ad campaign to educate voters and get the real truth out there!

Public pressure HAS worked in the past – even in crazy California! So please sign the petition and contribute to this fight today!

Sign the Petition: Suspend the California Gas Taxes

Contribute Securely: Demand California Politicians Suspend the Gas Tax