DeMaio, who led the successful recall of State Senator Josh Newman over the Gas Tax Hike, releases List of “Road Raiding Politicians” and kickoff of funded campaign to mobilize voter anger against them, threatens recalls

Carl DeMaio today released a list of “Road Raiding Politicians” who serve on the SANDAG board and have come out in support of an outrageous proposal to overturn the terms of a voter-approved tax hike measure from 2004 (TransNet Sales Tax) by diverting funds specifically earmarked for road improvements to transit and bike projects.

“San Diego taxpayers are paying high taxes already and should be driving on pristine roads, but politicians continue to fraudulently raid our road repair funds,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California. In addition to naming names with this list, DeMaio today kicked off a campaign with an immediate $100,000 contribution to contact voters in these politicians’ districts to mobilize public anger on this issue.

“It’s time that voters band together and speak out loudly to demand an end to the raid on our road repair funds,” DeMaio continued.

If this raid succeeds, road projects originally promised to voters would be cancelled. Fortunately, if only 1/3 of the SANDAG board votes to oppose this outrageous raid on road repair funds, the raid will be BLOCKED. Reform California will also be publicly thanking SANDAG board members who have announced a clear commitment to vote against the raids on road repair funds.

“Any politician on SANDAG that votes to raid our road funds should prepare to face a Recall against them and removal from office,” DeMaio concluded.