On Monday, the San Diego City Council will meet behind closed doors to vote on whether to invalidate the 2012 Prop B Citizens’ Pension Reform Initiative, disturbingly overriding the will of the voters.

“By voting to seek the invalidation of Prop B the Citizens’ Pension Reform Initiative, city politicians are attempting to overturn the results of the 2012 election and put San Diego back on the brink of bankruptcy,” said Carl DeMaio, leader of the Prop B Pension Reform initiative. “This move would be a gross violation of the will of San Diego voters and would weaken the citizen’s right to use initiatives to hold their government accountable.”

Prop B passed by a whopping 65% vote in June 2012 and switched city employees from defined benefit pensions to simple 401K retirement accounts, providing fiscal sanity for a nearly-bankrupt city.

A coalition of Pension Reform advocates released results from a city-wide poll conducted in mid-May by Remington Research Group that showed the following:

·    62% of San Diego voters say city employees should be given 401K retirement accounts, not a defined benefit pension program.

·    60% of San Diego voters say the City Council should uphold the 2012 Citizens’ Pension Reform Initiative versus a paltry 21% of voters who want the Initiative invalidated. Those numbers shift even more in favor of Pension Reform when the cost of restoring pensions is included in the survey.

·    47% of voters would support the RECALL of their own City Councilmember over this issue if they voted to invalidate the Pension Reform Initiative versus 26% who would oppose a RECALL over this issue

“It’s clear that San Diegans want to see their demands expressed through Prop B heeded and not overridden,” said DeMaio. “If any Council members vote to rescind Prop B, then it only displays one thing: contempt for San Diegans,” he continued.