Average contribution just $72 from nearly 3500 donors; counting loan from candidate, campaign starts with more than $500,000 cash-on-hand

In just the first 24 hours of his candidacy for Congress, Carl DeMaio broke a record for a Republican congressional candidate by raising over $250,000 from grassroots donors. Nearly 3500 donors contributed just an average of $72.40 each. Only two “max-out” contributions were received in the first 24 hours. Counting a loan provided by DeMaio, the campaign starts with more than $500,000 cash-on-hand on Day One.

That’s not all.

On top of funds actually received in-hand in the first 24 hours, DeMaio’s campaign also received more than 2000 additional pledges of support that will likely come in soon. DeMaio also has scheduled over 20 fundraising events between his launch and September 30 with over 150 host committee members committed to raise funds for those events.

“I’m so grateful for the support we’re receiving from grassroots contributors who believe that we can fight and win in California — it just takes a new model for how Republicans compete in a deep blue state,” said DeMaio.

“Carl DeMaio has built a grassroots money machine that will power his campaign to victory,” said Dave McCulloch of Capitol Media Partners who oversees DeMaio’s online fundraising efforts. “Look at the average contribution — you can bet those donors will give again and again to DeMaio as the campaign progresses,” McCulloch concluded.

DeMaio is running in the 50th Congressional District in California against indicted incumbent Rep. Duncan Hunter. A recent poll by The Tarrance Group shows DeMaio handily beating Hunter and all other Republican challengers by a comfortable margin. CA50 is an R+11 district and should be considered a “safe” Republican seat with a new nominee.