“To combat evil and deranged individuals with weapons, we need more heroes with the training and tools to stop them!”

San Diego – In the wake of every mass shooting, the Left offers only one solution: weaken or eliminate Second Amendment rights while the Right largely deflects on the issue. Concerned Americans are left with the mistaken impression that only one side of the political spectrum has a solution to this violence. Today, Carl DeMaio unveiled a five-point plan to respond to mass shootings and acts of terrorism called the Let’s Roll Act.

“The only way to stop an evil and deranged individual with a weapon is to empower a hero with the training and the tools to take them out,” said DeMaio in explaining his proposal. “The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is not the problem; it is actually the solution to improving our safety and security,” noted DeMaio.

DeMaio’s five-point plan is designed to encourage citizens to be prepared and be equipped to fight back if an evil or deranged individual attempts to do them or their family harm.

  1. Mandatory Self-Defense Curriculum: DeMaio proposes that every school include unbiased and accurate curriculum for students on their Second Amendment Rights and the concept of a human right to self-defense. Students would be given instruction on what to do in a shooting or terrorist attack, tips for being situationally aware, and common-sense self-defense techniques. Finally, students would hear stories of heroes who courageously fought back against evil and deranged attackers and saved lives.
  2. National Concealed Carry Permit Program: A concealed carry permit is required for individuals to keep a firearm with them in public spaces. Unfortunately, in some states getting a concealed carry permits is virtually impossible and few states have effective reciprocity agreements in place with other states. Gun violence and terrorism is an issue of national scope and as such a National Concealed Carry Permit Program should be created modeled after the existing Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) to allow individuals who undergo background checks and have proper training to have a concealed carry permit honored in every state. Individuals would be able to seek concealed carry permits under existing state programs or could gain concealed carry rights in every state by seeking a national concealed carry permit under this program.
  3. Improved Background Checks: To promote greater confidence in background checks, all states should be required to report data in a complete and uniform manner to the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) system.
  4. School Safety Reserve Corps: Retired military and law enforcement personnel should be encouraged to volunteer their time at schools. Under the creation of this program, funding would be available to schools who implement a School Safety Reserve Corps for equipment, training, and background checks.
  5. American Hero Reward Program: Any individual who courageously takes down a mass shooter would be given a financial reward – and the family of any individual who gives their life to take down a mass shooter would receive a reward.“Evil and deranged individuals select soft targets such as churches, schools and movie theaters because they assume people are prohibited from carrying weapons to fight back,” said DeMaio. “These shooters aren’t targeting police stations where they know people can and will fight back; they go to places where they think they can do the most damage because people there have less of a fighting chance,” noted DeMaio.

DeMaio named his “Let’s Roll” Act proposal after the last words uttered by Todd Beamer on Flight 93 during the attacks of 9-11 as civilians took matters into their own hands and successfully stopped terrorists from killing others using that plane.