As Democrats blast Georgia for a so-called Jim Crow voting law, California Democrats are poised to pass a real Jim Crow law (SB 663) that seeks to intimidate voters who sign petitions on Recalls of politicians and Ballot Measures on issues they disagree with.

1. “With SB 663, Democrats are embracing the worst form of voter suppression we’ve seen since Jim Crow laws.”

• SB 663 would force every County Elections Officer to publicly release of the names and personal contact information for every voter who signs a petition on a ballot measure or to Recall a state politician.
• SB 663, which just won approval last week in the Senate Elections Committee and is fast-tracked for passage.
• CA Democrats are sponsoring this legislation in direct response to the Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

2.“By eliminating any rights of voters to privacy and publishing a list of names of voters who support a ballot measure or a Recall, SB 663 is explicitly designed to empower Cancel Culture activists to intimidate, harass, and bully voters.”

• Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California, is one of the leaders in the coalition effort to Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom and is an expert in Recalls and ballot measures in California.
• DeMaio is blasting this new legislation as a blatant attempt to get a “hunting list” of voters to harass and intimidate for signing the Recall against Gavin Newsom and any future Recalls against powerful politicians.
• DeMaio says SB 663 will also destroy the citizens’ initiative rights in California as voters will be reluctant to sign any ballot measure or Recall in the future for fear of retribution.
• “Because Democrats are using the toxic weapon of Cancel Culture, you can bet that their tactics will include harassing you at home, publicly posting your contact information, and even contacting employers,” DeMaio warns.

3.“Will any so-called ‘woke’ corporation dare to call out Democrats in California by boycotting our state over SB 663? Will the media expose the hypocrisy of Democrats on SB 663? Whether or not they do, we are fighting SB 663 in the legislature – and will file a lawsuit to block it if needed.”

• To stop SB 663, DeMaio and his Reform California organization are leading a grassroots effort to block the law from passing and have promised to support a legal challenge to the law if it passes.
• “We are mobilizing immediately to block this law from taking effect both by opposing it in the legislature but also supporting an immediate legal challenge should it pass,” DeMaio pledges.
• Under current California state law the identities and contact information of voters who sign petitions such as recalls and ballot measures are protected and there is a penalty for violating privacy of these voters. The thinking is voters should have a right to privacy on petitions they sign – just as they have a right to privacy on votes they cast in a voting booth.
• DeMaio warns the law would have far-reaching consequences beyond just the Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom.
• “I cannot overstate the damage that would be done to individuals – and our democracy as a whole – if we are forced to reveal the identities and personal contact information of voters who signed the Recall. Put simply if this shameful law passes, it will be the biggest voter suppression law this country has seen since the Jim Crow era and we will never be able to Recall another bad politician from office because voters will be too scared of harassment.”