Carl DeMaio is leading a statewide signature drive to block costly tax hikes in California. Over 1 million signatures have been collected and just 300,000 more needed by July 16.

Californians already pay the highest taxes in the country — and Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio is fighting to change that by forcing a statewide vote on the California Taxpayer Protection Act – a ballot initiative that would make it harder for state and local politicians to impose costly tax hikes.

“Californians already pay the highest income tax, the highest sales tax, the highest gas tax, and some of the highest property taxes in the nation — and now politicians even want to not only increase those tax rates but impose a new Mileage Tax,” DeMaio warned. “It’s time to take action and stop the constant tax hikes that are crushing California’s families,” DeMaio says.

The “California Taxpayer Protection Act” would have closed loopholes politicians have exploited in recent years to impose tax hikes. The measure would strengthen the requirement that local tax hikes must receive two-thirds voter approval to go into effect. In addition, the measure would combat false and misleading ballot titles currently used by state and local politicians to deceive voters into voting for ballot items that contain hidden tax hikes.

DeMaio says the campaign has already collected over 1 million signatures – but still needs roughly 300,000 more signatures to ensure the measure qualifies for a statewide vote. The effort faces a deadline of late July to submit signatures to state election officials.

That’s why DeMaio and Reform California are hosting signature drives throughout California. DeMaio is asking for volunteers to request the petition and commit to collecting just 30 signatures in their local area and mail them back to DeMaio’s Reform California campaign headquarters by July 15 for processing.

DeMaio is confident that the measure can pass if it qualifies for the ballot. “Californians are sick and tired of the tax-and-spend policies of the liberal supermajority in Sacramento that are raising our cost-of-living,” said DeMaio.

“Our polling shows that they would overwhelmingly vote in favor of this common-sense tax relief measure, but our biggest challenge is getting enough signatures to get on the ballot,” DeMaio said. 

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