“The effort by City Hall politicians and government union bosses to invalidate San Diego’s Prop B Pension Reform Initiative is a shameful and corrupt attempt to invalidate the will of the voters.  A super-majority of 65% of San Diego voters approved common-sense Pension Reform in 2012 to save the city from bankruptcy and to end the outrageous gold-plated pension payouts routinely awarded in city government at taxpayers’ expense.

These same politicians will now try to award massive pension payouts and salary hikes to government bureaucrats at a time when the city is once again facing a financial crisis.

Let me make it perfectly clear: this fight is far from over.  Armed with the knowledge that city politicians intentionally chose to ignore the will of the voters on pension reform, we will easily defeat ANY tax hike they propose and will redouble our efforts to fight the wasteful spending at City Hall at taxpayers’ expense.”

Citizens who want to join the fight can do so at www.ReformSanDiego.org