Dear CRP Delegates — Several changes to the CAGOP’s bylaws are being proposed at this weekend’s convention. I am strongly urging a NO VOTE on rules change #5 (Mahan) and here’s why.

Rules change #5 by Mahan will strip you as a delegate of the CRP of any role in making an endorsement of a replacement candidate in the upcoming recall election.

Worse, the endorsement decision will then be made by just five people on the Executive Committee!

If you thought the grassroots were already upset with the Party insiders making bad decisions behind closed doors, you haven’t seen nothing yet if we allow this to happen under our watch.

Here’s why this rules change is so atrocious and damaging to the Party:

  • You and I both know this recall was not the work of a handful of establishment insiders; this recall is succeeding because of the blood, sweat and tears of the tens of thousands of grassroots volunteers who have collected the signatures for the past 9 months.
  • By cutting them out of a public process for the selection of a replacement candidate, this rules change is a slap in the face to the grassroots recall supporters who got us here in the first place.
  • If we demoralize our grassroots supporters by letting 5 insiders hand-pick their own candidate, don’t count on the grassroots to be motivated to get-out-the-vote or support the Party or its other candidates in the future.

This rules change is no longer about the recall – it is about whether we want to once again break faith with our grassroots supporters.  It will do long-lasting damage to a party that already has deep problems and would benefit from joining, not usurping, this grassroots movement that is fueling the recall.

Please join me in voting NO on Rules Change 5 (Mahan) and vote down ANY attempt to change the rules regarding endorsements at this stage.


Carl DeMaio
Delegate CRP 2021-2022
Chairman, Reform California

PS: Remember why we have the existing endorsement rules in the first place: they are designed to protect the brand and integrity of the Party by having a public process and a super-majority vote of delegates. Let’s not destroy this grassroots movement by allowing a replacement candidate to be crammed down our throats by just 5 insiders.