10.17.2018 2:00PM

Yes on Prop 6 Rally - Los Angeles

Want to be part of the biggest taxpayer revolt in California since 1978’s Prop 13?

You are invited to attend a Campaign Rally in your area for the YES ON 6 – Gas Tax Repeal Campaign!

By attending this rally, you will be a part of a huge movement in California and help people learn why we need to repeal the car and gas tax hikes and how you can help spread the word to other voters so we can win in November.  We will have local elected officials that are supportive of the YES ON 6 – Gas Tax Repeal, to help get our message out.  You can also get your Yes on Prop 6 Lawn Signs and Gas Pump Stickers!

The YES ON 6 – Gas Tax Repeal Campaign needs your help and it starts by attending this Campaign Rally.

Register today at this link – and share with your friends so they register too!

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