Carl DeMaio has a bold 5-point plan to secure our border and combat illegal immigration – and he needs your help to advance the plan.  Concerned citizens are invited to join Carl DeMaio at a series of Town Halls on the Border Crisis he is holding to organize his campaign to force Congress to act and secure the border.

DeMaio’s 5-point plan to secure the border and combat illegal immigration is simple:

  • provide immediate and full funding for border infrastructure projects (Built the Wall) and increase staffing at the Border Patrol and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE);
  • change the asylum and immigration laws to close the loopholes that are being exploited and abused;
  • fully enforce e-Verify and punish employers who hire illegal immigrants;
  • reform legal immigration to make it merit-based; and
  • end Sanctuary City policies and prohibit the grant of taxpayer-funded welfare to illegal immigrants.

At this Town Hall, Carl DeMaio will not only walk through this comprehensive plan but will explain why powerful process within BOTH political parties are fighting against border security because they benefit from rampant illegal immigration.  DeMaio’s plan has a novel approach to forcing politicians to act on border security – but to implement the plan he needs your help.

Why is Carl DeMaio making border security a core issue of focus? It’s simple: The US faces a crisis of illegal immigration and an insecure border that sees a steady flow of illegal drugs, human trafficking happens daily, and national security threats.

Carl DeMaio is leading on one of the most important issues facing our country – and on an issue that politicians from BOTH political parties refuse to act on.

But he needs YOUR HELP TODAY.

Join him at this Town Hall and help secure the border!

Come just to join his movement, to listen or to ask your questions!

PS: Spread the word to your friends and bring a guest!


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At a time when too many politicians cave in on their principles, or merely pay lip-service to their constituents, Carl DeMaio is a fighter who takes action for what he believes in. A successful businessman, DeMaio founded his first company by age 24, his second by age 29, and sold both by age 33. Since then, he has hosted a popular news/talk radio show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO and founded and has led Reform California – a grassroots campaign advocates for government accountability reforms and has blocked over $2 billion in tax hikes.

Now Carl DeMaio is running for US Congress with a plan to shake it up by advancing a bold, fresh Reform Agenda and recruiting other principled reformers to run for office.

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