Los Angeles – Sunday, September 8, 2019 – 5-7pm

Join Carl DeMaio and friends in Los Angeles for a fundraiser for Carl’s campaign for Congress!

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Joseph and Lindy Goldstein * Josh Herr * Matt Craffey * Charles Moran * Roxanne Beckford Hoge

How many of us have friends who’ve considered moving out of California because it’s getting less and less hospitable to common-sense solutions for our twin problems of affordability and government inadequacy? Carl DeMaio has become California’s best-known taxpayer advocate and government reformer. In 2018, he boldly led the campaign to repeal the unfair and costly car and gas tax hikes that hurt working families.

Now, Carl DeMaio needs your help. Because Carl is such a fearless and effective reformer, he appeals to forward-thinking voters who eschew easy labels. Carl DeMaio is activating a grassroots army across the state to not only win the 50th Congressional District that he’s running for, but to effect change throughout the state as well. He will shake up the US Congress, which we all agree could use some fresh perspectives.

Of course, Carl can’t do this alone: he needs YOUR help. Please attend this fundraiser and be part of this growing movement to put a proven change agent into Congress! Any contribution will be greatly appreciated!

PS: Spread the word to your friends and bring a guest!


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At a time when too many politicians cave in on their principles, or merely pay lip-service to their constituents, Carl DeMaio is a fighter who takes action for what he believes in. A successful businessman, DeMaio founded his first company by age 24, his second by age 29, and sold both by age 33. Since then, he has hosted a popular news/talk radio show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO and founded and has led Reform California – a grassroots campaign advocates for government accountability reforms and has blocked over $2 billion in tax hikes.

Now Carl DeMaio is running for US Congress with a plan to shake it up by advancing a bold, fresh Reform Agenda and recruiting other principled reformers to run for office.