Online Briefing: The Campaign to Pass a California Voter ID Initiative

Thursday, February 15, 2024

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

Online Zoom Webinar

Join Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio in the fightto pass the California Voter ID Initiative to restore election integrity!

California has the worst election practices in the nation(ballot harvesting, outdated voter rolls, inadequate signature verification onballots, etc.) That has led many California voters from all political partiesto lose faith and confidence in the integrity of our elections.

That’s why Reform California’s Carl DeMaio is leading thefight to enact a Voter ID Initiative in California – and you are invited tothis campaign briefing to learn how we qualify and pass this important ballotmeasure!

DeMaio has authored a statewide constitutional amendment torestore election integrity by requiring 1) verification of voter ID for any ballotcounted; 2) accurate maintenance of voter rolls; 3) proper verification ofballot signatures, and 4) audits of the election process to ensure fullcompliance with federal, state, and local laws.

The challenge is this: to enact this law we must collectover 1 million signatures to place the CA Election Integrity with VoterInitiative on the ballot. That means we MUST recruit at least 20,000 volunteersstatewide to commit to collecting enough signatures and we must raise$1-2million to get the job done.

During the zoom campaign briefing you’ll learn:

• What the CA Voter ID and Election Integrity Initiativewould require for all future elections – and why it will fix the currentproblems in California’s elections that allow voter fraud

• How to promote the S.A.F.E. Voting method in California totrack and verify that your ballot was received and counted

• How you can take a role in efforts to impose electionintegrity in the upcoming election either as a poll watcher or a paid worker inyour county election office

• How you can help in the campaign to qualify and pass theCA Voter ID Initiative

Come with all your questions – and come prepared to start anelection integrity revolt in California!

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