Will you flee or will you fight? Just how bad are things in California? California has the highest taxes in the nation, gas at $4 a gallon, an explosion of homeless, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, rat-infested neighborhoods, sanctuary cities, congested roads falling apart, and criminals being released onto the streets.

The list of problems in California goes on and on – and it only grows as one political party uses its Super-Majority to impose Democratic Socialism on residents. Sure, blame the party and their flawed ideology, but we must also demand a BETTER California Republican Party – one that stands on principles, has a strategy, and fights aggressively. It’s time for a new brand of leaders like Carl DeMaio who have a record of showing the courage to fight.

Carl DeMaio will be speaking to the monthly meeting of the Temecula Valley Republican Women Federated. DeMaio will talk about how common-sense Californians can fight to take back our state from out-of-control Sacramento politicians.

DeMaio is proposing a 5-point “Reform Agenda” to fight taxes, defend personal freedoms, make California affordable again, fight crime, and hold government accountable.

While some flee, Carl DeMaio stands and fights. That’s why Carl DeMaio has become California’s best known taxpayer advocate and government reformer with recent efforts in leading the car and gas tax repeal and recalling the state senator who cast the deciding vote for the car and gas tax. Now Carl DeMaio is running for Congress to shake up the US Congress – and fight unfair tax hikes, reform wasteful spending, and secure our border.

More importantly, Carl DeMaio wants to be YOUR voice in government. Carl’s eager to hear directly from you on your issues and concerns.

So come just to listen or to ask your questions!

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At a time when too many politicians cave in on their principles, or merely pay lip-service to their constituents, Carl DeMaio is a fighter who takes action for what he believes in. A successful businessman, DeMaio founded his first company by age 24, his second by age 29, and sold both by age 33. Since then, he has hosted a popular news/talk radio show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO and founded and has led Reform California – a grassroots campaign advocates for government accountability reforms and has blocked over $2 billion in tax hikes.

Now Carl DeMaio is running for US Congress with a plan to shake it up by advancing a bold, fresh Reform Agenda and recruiting other principled reformers to run for office.

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