Tuesday, June 14 at noon

Virtual Zoom meeting

Californians already pay too much in taxes – but state and local politicians are trying to impose new costly and unfair tax hikes. Carl DeMaio and Reform California are fighting back – and need your help getting signatures on a ballot measure to block the new tax hikes!

The California Taxpayer Protection Act is the most consequential initiative on taxes in California since Prop 13 in 1978!

It restores the two-thirds public vote requirement on any new tax hikes and mandates that any tax hike on future ballots must have an honest title with the words “Tax Increase” in it. It would even overturn existing tax hikes that fail to comply with the measure’s provisions – saving Californians billions immediately!

We have already collected 1.1 million signatures, but we need a more to hit 1.4 million before July 18. Unless we get immediate help from volunteers like you to get the signatures, we won’t be able to force a public vote on this crucial reform measure! 

WE ARE SO CLOSE to forcing this crucial measure onto the ballot for a statewide public vote! Since we are doing this entirely by volunteers across the state, without your help this crucial ballot measure won’t qualify!

Attend this important Zoom meeting to learn how you can help! We’re counting on you!!

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