With healthcare reform consistently ranking near the top of voters’ concerns, and with Democrats running on the “Medicare for All” plan for a wholesale government takeover of health care, Carl DeMaio believes Republicans should have a bold health care reform plan of their own. DeMaio will put action to words by releasing a detailed and comprehensive health care reform plan he calls “FreedomCare.”

The FreedomCare plan is bold, detailed, and comprehensive and would serve as a Republican “Repeal and Replace” alternative to the failed ObamaCare program. Among the reforms DeMaio is proposing:

  • FreedomCare Network: Create a national network of health care providers that could operate outside of the stringent and costly regulations and mandates that are driving costs up. In exchange for regulatory relief, providers would negotiate the lowest possible rates for their services.
  • FreedomCare Accounts: Individuals would make tax-free contributions to a Health Savings Account and would control their health care dollars. Individuals, with input from their health care providers, would decide what services to purchase and could pay a la cart or bundled rates.
  • Share-in-Savings Incentives: Health care providers both in the FreedomCare network and in Medicaid would be paid based on performance and be eligible for Share-in-Savings bonuses for achieving health outcomes versus being reimbursed for individual services.
  • Technology & Innovation: Treatment innovations would be more readily available and medical records and health care transactions would be handled through a Freedom Care tech portal modeled after popular sharing apps.
  • Transparency & Accountability: All health care pricing would be transparent and patients would rate their health care providers with scores made public.
  • Put Congress into the VA System: To force accountability for improving health care for veterans, Members of Congress would be forced to receive their own health care from the VA system.

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