Carl DeMaio invites all citizens concerned about homelessness to attend his upcoming Town Halls on this important issue where DeMaio will present his 4-Point Solve the Homeless Crisis Initiative. RSVPs are required – select from the following dates:

January 13 – Temecula

January 16 – El Cajon

January 21 – Santee

January 25 – Escondido

January 28 – San Marcos



Politicians won’t act – so citizens must act to solve the homeless crisis. It is vital that we collect enough signatures to show that citizens are ready to fight to force Congress to act on this proposal.

Sign Carl’s Petition to fix the homeless crisis



Carl DeMaio has authored a four-point plan to solve the homeless crisis.

  1. Fully Enforce the Laws: Law enforcement must be empowered to enforce the vagrancy, pan-handling, and public encampment laws to get leverage to get people into treatment programs.
  2. Expanded Treatment Programs: Putting up tents only shelves the real problems. Substance abuse and mental health treatment must be mandatory for individuals with these problems.
  3. Integrate Services & Fund Success: Politicians are literally funding failure! We must fund only success and integrate overlapping programs into one-stop centers.
  4. Impose Work Requirements: Homeless individuals receiving public welfare should be required to perform community service and participate in job training and transition programs.