Border Security and Ending Illegal Immigration

Build the Wall and Secure the Border – Period. Carl DeMaio believes that any immigration reform must start with fully securing the border. A physical wall – along with modern technology – is absolutely necessary... Read more

Defending Constitutional Freedoms

Our individual freedoms are under assault by government and by fringe groups that demand you respect their personal freedoms but have no problem disrespecting your personal freedoms. - Carl DeMaio Read more

Jobs and the Economy

We must get the economy moving again for ALL working families. Our elected leaders should have an obligation to cut the red tape and eliminate obstacles to achieving the American dream. Read more

National Defense and Veterans

Support the US Military and Win the War Against Terror After years of devastating budget cuts and politicians attempting to impose social policy agendas on the Department of Defense, Carl DeMaio believes we need to... Read more

Social Security, Healthcare and Education

School Choice and Education Reform No one cares more about a child’s education than his or her parents. And that means no one is better equipped than parents to make educational decisions. Empowering parents is... Read more