Since we relaunched my radio show 10 days ago, we’ve focused entirely on the Coronavirus and whether California’s elected officials are effectively addressing the public health and economic challenges.

The short answer is no – and here’s why.

You know I’ve criticized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo a lot in the past, but I have to give credit where credit is due: there is a world of difference between Cuomo’s data-driven briefings and goal-based strategies and the nebulous and wandering briefings from Gov. Gavin Newsom and our local leaders.

Here are my top 4 concerns right now:

Testing: California is WAY, WAY behind on testing. New York state processed more tests in the last 72 hours than California has done since the outbreak began.

Treatment Capacity: New York has outlined specific surge targets needed for hospital beds, ventilators, respirators, and staffing while California has set no targets such targets and has hidden baseline numbers on these critical resources. While New York has a detailed plan to build capacity quickly in these areas, California is busy renting hotel rooms for homeless people.

Economic Impacts: California’s economy will not recover if we keep our existing heavy burden of regulations, taxes, and mandates that hurt small businesses in place. Now is the time to hold California politicians accountable to suspend these burdens until our economy can recover – and hopefully make the case for permanent repeal.

Border Security: Mexico has refused to enact the same social distancing restrictions that we have enacted. With thousands of people coming across the border every day we face the risk that our good efforts will be undone by irresponsible policies in Mexico.

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Hope you are staying healthy and safe – we will get through this, but it will require we hold our elected officials accountable for sound public policies!