Average contribution just $84 from more than 8500 donors; with cost of funds just 7.4%, campaign ends August with $1.1 Million Cash On Hand

San Diego – In just the first 25 days of his candidacy for Congress, Carl DeMaio continues to demonstrate an impressive fundraising ability by raising over $900,000 with over 8500 grassroots donors powering his campaign with an average contribution of just $84.14. DeMaio launched his campaign on August 5 and broke records right out of the gate by raising an astounding $250,000 in the first 24 hours and $450,000 in the first 72 hours of his campaign.

DeMaio’s fundraising haul by the numbers:=

  • Low Fundraising Costs: Many candidates spend almost as much as they raise in fundraising costs. Not DeMaio. To raise his first $900,000, DeMaio’s cost of funds was just 7.4% of funds raised or a total cost for fundraising of $67,126 – which included $8426 for a direct mail solicitation, $8,000 in Facebook ads, $41,700 for credit card processing fees, and $9000 for his in-house fundraising staff and commissions.
  • Sustainability of Repeat Donations: Of the more than 8500 individual contributors who supported DeMaio in the first month, more than 2200 of them gave more than once. The fact that DeMaio’s donors are willing to contribute small amounts on a repeat basis will sustain DeMaio’s fundraising momentum.
  • Online Contributions vs Events: DeMaio held eight fundraising events during August that brought in roughly 10% of his funds raised versus more than 75 percent of his funds came in through digital efforts of email, text, and online ads. The remaining funds came in through fundraising letters and candidate calls.
  • Over $1.1 Million Cash On Hand: On top of the funds raised from donors, DeMaio has made an additional loan of $250,000 and also transferred $36,200 from a previous federal committee. After all expenses are paid for his first month of the campaign, DeMaio has over $1.1 million cash on hand.

DeMaio is on track to raise more funds in his first quarter of campaigning than the vast majority of Congressional candidates and incumbents raise during an entire cycle. DeMaio’s volunteers are hand-writing letters to DeMaio’s house fundraising list and only 40% of those solicitations have been mailed so far. In addition, DeMaio has 14 fundraising events scheduled in September with trips to Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. slated in the coming weeks.

“I’m so grateful for the support we’re receiving from grassroots contributors who believe that we can fight and win in California – it just takes a new model for how Republicans compete in a deep blue state,” said DeMaio.

“Carl DeMaio has built a grassroots money machine that will power his campaign to victory,” said Dave McCulloch of Capitol Media Partners who oversees DeMaio’s online fundraising efforts. “Look at the average contribution – you can bet those donors will give again and again to DeMaio as the campaign progresses,” McCulloch concluded.

DeMaio is running in the 50th Congressional District in California against indicted incumbent Rep. Duncan Hunter. A recent poll by The Tarrance Group shows DeMaio handily beating Hunter and all other current and possible Republican challengers by a comfortable margin in each ballot test. CA50 is an R+11 district and should be considered a “safe” Republican seat with a new nominee.