The Only Way to Drain the Swamp… Starts with Congress!
Carl DeMaio’s 10-Point Plan to Hold Congress Accountable for Living Under the Same Laws as the Rest of Us – No Special Exemptions!

Carl DeMaio is the author of the 10-point Fix Congress First Initiative that will fundamentally shake up Congress and break through the dysfunction and corruption in our political system.

First, DeMaio proposes to force Congress to live under the same laws as the rest of us — no special exemptions.

Second, DeMaio strips politicians of their lavish perks and pensions.

Third, DeMaio ends government shutdowns by imposing a strict No Budget, No Pay rule.

Fourth, DeMaio requires full transparency on all Congressional records.

Fifth, DeMaio imposes a Single Subject rule on all proposed legislation and extends the ban on earmarks.

Sixth, DeMaio proposes to send Congress home by requiring votes on legislation be conducted remotely during public Town Halls in their District.

Seventh, DeMaio proposes new campaign finance reform rules to curb special interest contributions and expands audits of campaign spending by politicians.

Eighth, DeMaio requires a Read the Bill First rule to force politicians to disclose what is in bills before they vote on them.

Ninth, DeMaio proposes elimination of the filibuster in the Senate.

Tenth, DeMaio proposes lobbying reforms and ends the revolving door in Washington by imposing a lifetime ban on Members of Congress being lobbyists.