To Win Back Congress, We Must First Take Back California!

California represents more than one-fifth of our nation’s economy and population. If we want to address problems in our country, we must reform California. Moreover, if we want to take back the House Majority from the Left, we must make progress in California!

The Left takes its dominance in California for granted and holds 45 of the 53 Congressional seats. Take back some of those Congressional seats and the House Majority can be recaptured!  That’s why all Americans should be helping the “Resistance” to take back California!

Carl DeMaio is organizing and leading the “Resistance” in California.

DeMaio has proposed a 7-point California Reform Agenda – and is recruiting grassroots activists to advance it statewide.

Stop the Tax Hikes

California has the highest taxes in the nation – and that has resulted in the highest cost-of-living. To fuel their out-of-control spending, Sacramento politicians are proposing even more tax hikes: gas tax, water tax, property tax, sales tax – it never ends.

Carl DeMaio is leading a broad-based statewide coalition to oppose the tax hikes on the 2020 ballot. In addition to opposing new tax hikes, DeMaio is fighting to rollback the unfair and unnecessary gas and car taxes that are having the biggest impact on working families.

Protect Citizens, Not Criminals

California politicians have promoted extreme measures that put the interest of criminals over the interests of law-abiding citizens – undermining the safety of our neighborhoods. Props 47 and Prop 57 have taken law enforcement’s tools away and resulted in early release of dangerous individuals from prison. The so-called Sanctuary State (SB54) and associated laws makes it a crime for local law enforcement, or a private business for that matter, to cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies to identify, detain, and process criminals.

Carl DeMaio supports the repeal of Props 47 and 57 – as well as SB54 Sanctuary State Law – before more Californians are hurt by these reckless policies.

Pension Reform

The single biggest driver of the financial crisis facing California state and local government are the unsustainable salaries and pension benefits they offer to government workers. The government pension crisis is not just a financial crisis, it is also unfair to increase the cost-of-living on working families just so funds can be diverted to make outrageous pension payouts for government workers.

Carl DeMaio proposes to reform government compensation plans so state and local government workers are paid no more, but also no less than the local labor market requires for those jobs to be done. In addition DeMaio proposes to switch to a simple 401k defined contribution retirement system for all new hires.

Cancel High Speed Rail: Fix Our Roads First!

After years of neglect, our infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. Politicians continually raid our road repair funds to cover their wasteful spending elsewhere in the budget.  That’s why Carl DeMaio is proposing a Citizens’ Infrastructure Lockbox that would mandate that 100% of any gas tax collected would be spent on roads – no more diversions. Funds should also be regularly audited and overseen by independent citizen watchdog panels.

Carl DeMaio also proposes to cancel the wasteful boondoggle known as the High Speed Rail Project and put any remaining funds from this misguided project back into roads.  Finally DeMaio will insist that any taxpayer-funded construction project be awarded using Fair and Open Competitive Bidding – no more backroom and discriminatory union-only deals such as Project Labor Agreements.

Address the Crisis of Homelessness

California’s homeless crisis has reached epidemic proportions – figuratively and literally. Homelessness is not an economic issue, it is a public health and social service issue as three-quarters of homeless individuals suffer from mental health and substance abuse problems. These individuals are homeless by choice.

With political cover from ACLU lawsuits, politicians have opted to coddle these troubled individuals and suspend enforcement of vagrancy, loitering, pan-handling, and other laws. Without these tools, law enforcement has no leverage to get people the help they need to change their lives.

Carl DeMaio will propose legislation requiring law enforcement be given the full right to enforce laws related to homelessness in exchange for any taxpayer-funding on these issues. In addition, DeMaio proposes a Community Service Mandate be imposed on any individual who receives public housing. Funding for homeless programs MUST be linked to accountability.

Safe and Successful Schools

Carl DeMaio is concerned that our schools are failing our children. The basics (reading, writing, and arithmetic) have been replaced by social agendas. That’s why Carl DeMaio believes all parents – not just the wealthy – should have an opportunity to make a real choice when it comes to their children’s education.

By expanding parental choice and charter schools, Carl DeMaio is encouraging competition to provide the highest quality education at all schools – public or private.  Academic standards, testing systems and curriculum should be set by local educators with input from parents – without coercion from the state or federal government – to ensure those who know our children best are able to shape their education to excel in college and the workplace.

Election Integrity Reforms

California’s voter rolls are a complete mess – with ineligible, inactive and duplicate voter registrations. To restore integrity to our elections, Carl DeMaio proposes to clean up the voter rolls by conducting a comprehensive audit county-by-county. In addition, DeMaio proposes suspending California’s flawed motor-voter law immediately and replacing it with a Real Voter ID law.

In addition, DeMaio is concerned that state politicians have essentially stripped citizens of the right to use ballot initiatives and recall elections to hold politicians accountable – resulting in a loss of precious Constitutional rights. Carl DeMaio proposes to remove the ability of politicians to change the ballot title of Citizen Initiatives. In addition, DeMaio proposes to repeal recent laws that make it harder to recall politicians from office when they violate the trust of the constituents they serve.

Carl DeMaio is working with a team of election lawyers and reformers to effect these changes through litigation and legislative action.