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April 3, 2020

Now is the Time to Help, Not Hurt Small Businesses in California

By Carl DeMaio If Governor Gavin Newsom and California Democrats really wanted to help struggling small businesses and millions of unemployed California workers they would immediately suspend or repeal a variety of damaging and costly taxes, mandates and regulations that have been choking the California economy for years. At the top of the list of relief should be the repeal …

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March 23, 2020

Carl DeMaio: Low Marks for California’s Coronavirus Response

Since we relaunched my radio show 10 days ago, we’ve focused entirely on the Coronavirus and whether California’s elected officials are effectively addressing the public health and economic challenges. The short answer is no – and here’s why. You know I’ve criticized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo a lot in the past, but I have to give credit where credit …

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  • California’s taxes are already the highest in the nation – and now the politicians want to raise taxes even higher by repealing Prop 13 in November and imposing a massive property tax increase. Concerned taxpayers are invited to join the FIGHT to stop these tax hikes! Reform California is leading the fight to defeat unfair and costly tax hikes on …

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