Carl DeMaio Calls Out Closed Door Effort at City Hall to Undo Voter Reforms

San Diego City Council Considers Motion to Force Taxpayers to Pay for Illegal Pension Credits If approved, Carl DeMaio vows referendum to force issue to 2016 ballot September 22, 2016 - It’s happening again.  Some on the City Council are bowing to a scheme proposed by the government unions to force taxpayers to pay millions more for high-priced city pensions. Read more


DeMaio-Reed Pension Reform Initiative Cleared for Circulation

Sacramento, Calif. – The California State Attorney General today cleared for circulation the landmark Pension Reform Initiative known as the “Voter Empowerment Act.”  A bipartisan coalition led by former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed (D) and former San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio (R), filed the ballot initiative to give voters the final say on compensation and pension benefits of state and local government employees. In light of today’s developments, DeMaio and Reed issued the following joint statement on behalf of the campaign: Read more


DeMaio and Reed File Pension Reform Initiative

With California government pension systems facing hundreds of billions in debt, a bipartisan group of current and former local elected officials, led by former San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio (R) and former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed (D), have filed a statewide ballot initiative to reform compensation and pension benefits of state and local government employees. Read more


DeMaio Raises Questions Over Management of Convention Center

City leaders can claim ignorance and avoid responsibility for the default revelation, but now that these issues are out in the public, city leaders are the ones who ultimately should be held accountable for what’s happening – or not happening – at the Convention Center. Read more


Carl DeMaio Returns to The Performance Institute

Founder to Spearhead “Transitions to Governance 2016” Initiative and Innovation Efforts March 5, 2015, Alexandria, VA – The Performance Institute (PI) is pleased to announce Carl DeMaio as a Senior Fellow focused on government reform and innovation efforts. Read more